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A Brief Overview

Lexon Productions has been providing exceptional video and photography services in Jamaica &  to clients worldwide for the past 5 years. We are a part of the international visual designs  organization Resource Group which features the best photographers and videographers from around the world. Our services have even extended to countries such as Thailand and Australia. We have  developed state of the art visual designs & motion graphics to enhance the impact of visual  presentations making your memories even more memorable. We have packages to suit your needs  and budget. Your memories are priceless and it is important that your desires are met. Our agents will take you through step by step consultation to ensure optimal productivity and satisfactory  outcome. Join us today and experience the unprecedented transition in visual design.

(Jamaica Wedding Videographer)

Lexon Productions originated from an idea that the C.E.O and founder once had.  His dream was  to provide a prestigious wedding photography and videography company in Jamaica, which would  bring ELITE photography and video services to clients worldwide at minimal costs. This includes  destination weddings in other Caribbean countries, not only Jamaica. However, this was a daunting  task as many complexities arose from his obviously ambitious endeavour. Lack of funding, lack of  resources, no marketing skills, no work-base and amongst many other issues. Many of his peers  thoughts resided with the idea that he was clothing himself with delusions of grandeur with what  seemed to be a seemingly unattainable goal. Even his family doubted this radical yet innovative feat. Despite all, he endured and remained persistent. Whenever given the chance he would express this  idea to affiliates and other prospective investors, but it was to no avail. It seemed many thought this was too much of an ambitious endeavour for such an individual; he knew it was a difficult task he  was undertaking but he was passionately optimistic.   Today, we are one of Jamaica’s largest photography & video production company with over 200 visitors  daily. We are steadily growing with guaranteed photography, video & visual design services. Thanks to our many clients worldwide for making us number one.